Tesla cyber truck – A monster sedan?

The conversation has been going round from both the might and the NOT so might in the motoring world about the recent revelation of the design and concept of Tesla’s cyber truck.

While the hype has been about the imagined power, strength, comfort and improved aerodynamics of the design, I find it utterly impractical in day to day operations of a truck. My imagination of a truck is that vehicle which has massive power, large space to carry cargo of various shapes and sizes and the ability to wade through mud like a child play game.

To start off, Lets focus on luggage room:

The cyber truck trunk is small, has a glassy cover and the edges are uniform all around. What I will expect for practicality is  at least a big enough trunk with hooks around the edges to  tighten off the luggage. In my country, we carry cows and goats on market days using our trucks. I do not think Tesla’s cyber truck will manage this task.

While the power to pull is unrivaled, it can only go hand in hand with luggage space. Power alone is not enough as majority would not wish to pull trailers whenever they want to transport large cargo.

For the shape, Aerodynamics is well done and it fast looked as though the designs were taken from the B-2 bomber.

While the rich might find the Tesla cyber truck exciting, especially since they want to acquire the expensive things money can buy, I do not find it practical for a common owner who wants something cheaper, reliable for all kinds of work and easy to maintain.

If I were to choose between a Tesla cyber truck and Toyota Hilux double cabin, I would go for the Hilux.

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