Just like air filter for trapping impurities and articles that would otherwise clog engine air intake, the AC of your car has an air filter that would require regular maintenance and replacement.

Failure to replace the air filter over time, it would trap soil particles and as a result would start blowing air with dust in the inside your car whenever you turn AC ON.

It removes contaminants and allergens making the cabin habitable.

How do you know that it needs replacement of repair?

  1. Reduced air coming in from the vents- Indication that its clogged.

  2. Strain on engine whenever AC is turned on – The engine would require more power to drive air through clogged/faulty AC filter.

  3. Dust in cabin

The effect of this is that, you will start breathing dirty air and clog your breathing system with dust and thereafter you will start coughing and sneezing.

Its recommended that every after 20K miles and depending on how consistent and regularly you use your AC, then the filter should be replaced. You can as well remove it and dust it out by blowing high pressure air into it if you intend to push some miles before replacing it completely.

The filter in most cars is located behind the front passenger seat glove box.

How to remove is simple process – unplug the glove box from its compartment. No screws, its just attached by a pair of sliding plastic hinges.

Once you remove it the air filter is visible –just pull it out gently from its attachment. Clean it and put it back or replace with a new one.

That’s all.

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