Car shaking violently on start and on drive Nissan Tiida Ignition coils problem

The car in question is Nissan Tiida Latio 2006.

I bought this car a second hand from a motor vehicle dealer in Mombasa, Kenya. The car was in good condition, no accident history and had a proper maintenance record.

I drove the car for lovely 1 week uneventful then problem started. First sign/ problem I noticed was the pungent smell of exhaust fumes. The smell was of Kerosene. I initially thought I had fueled with wrong fuel or the petrol  was mixed with  kerosene.

Then came a second problem – The car will shake vigorously on ignition. Everything from dashboard, steering wheel, pedals all were shaking and vibrating. It became had to drive this car especially on busy highway as it looked as if it was in limp mode.

I took it to the garage where we checked everything from spark plugs, air intakes systems, fuel system etc and there was not any problem we can identify. We replaced spark plugs but still the problem was there.

Then the mechanic decided to check the ignition coils- The vehicle was 4 cylinder and had 4 of them. Luckily in the garage where we were, there were a salvage Nissan note – I never knew the Nissan note and Nissan tiida use same spares. It’s the same car but different body shape.

We unplugged the 4 coils from the Note and fitted all of them to the Tiida and boom, the car shaking disappeared, it drove smoothly and burned the fuel effectively as the exhaust pungent kerosene smell disappeared too.



  1. smell of exhaust gas always point to a problem in the ignition process- air, fuel, spark. The air and fuel has to be in the right proportion and the spark delivered at the right time and in the right spot.

  2. Spark system consists of spark plugs and ignition coils- Failure of any of this would cause problem.

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