Durban pensioners keep fit with regular exercises

A group of senior citizens, of whom some are in their 90s, are kicking ailments to the curb and picking up their pace of life – thanks to regular exercise.
The group of about 50 pensioners who live in the Durban CBD, regularly meet in a park to exercise.
Heart attack and high blood pressure are among the medical conditions that often affect elderly people. Some even end up in hospital due to such conditions when a change in lifestyle can improve their health.
93 -year-old Thandiwe Ngcobo says after joining the exercise group, her health has improved so much that she no longer needs a walking stick.
“We started this programme at Albany house with the lady called Ntombi and it is about two years now. I think we benefit a lot as I had a heart problem and was obese and everything I am wearing was bigger but now I am better. I don’t have any heart attack and asthma as I used to get them and my weight has come down from 93 to 84; so there is progress”.
Despite being 82-years-old, Sylvia Da Silva can still touch her toes.
“I lost my husband about three years ago and it really helps me just to come out and to be with all the grannies for support and warm the body. I am 83 years now but I can still touch my toes and I can move around, my size is fine, no sugar, no BP nothing. I have tested everything and all is clear. I move round, I have three grandchild, I feel good”.

Ngcobo and Da Silva are part of a group who get together to exercise. It is part of an initiative by Phumlani Dube, who wants elderly people to enjoy life and live longer.
Dube says they also offer self-defence classes.
“It also gives them self-defence tips, they are now much more healthier and much more flexible. They are now able to do things they couldn’t do when we started the programme last year, which means they equipped with defensive mechanism especially that situation arise”.
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