Cash Office Attendant (COA) at Tuskys

Tuskys, the leading retailer in Kenya has adopted remains to be a very strategic player in the market. It has experienced significant growth over the last few years, leading to many opportunities coming up.Purpose: To maintain a smooth flow of cash from the cashiers, safeguarding the money and preparing it for banking.

Prepare and issue Till Dose to cashiers and ensure that they have confirmed it and inserted the same in the system.
Ensure that all Tills are in proper working condition and they have been restarted before the cashiers start their operations.
Ensure all cashiers and parkers are in place and provide them with cashier worksheets.
Reconcile previous day sales, balance the Sales statement and prepare the Sales/Change banking for Collection by CIT.
Placing orders for change, providing the cashiers with the necessary Change and also Outsourcing coins and loose when there is a shortage.
Managing the front end by assisting on password provision and on any other arising issue.
Making regular drops and ensuring all money is taken to the CDM and a minimum amount is retained at the till to assist the cashier in providing change to customers.
Supervising the cashiers as they operate the CDM and deposits all the money and a receipt to confirm the same issued to the cash officer.
Supervising change of shifts conveniently by the cashiers and parkers during the day by running a CID report and ensuring the tills are ready for the next Shift.
At the close of Business the cash officer should ensure that all cash held is deposited to the CDM and all tills Z report have been generated and tender declaration completed. Post the statement at the end of each day.
Preparing cashier worksheet/ Cashier variance Worksheets, printing the statement, giving previous day statement to the manager or admin for confirmation and ensuring the same is ready to be sent to HQ the next morning.
The cash officer is solely responsible for the management of Branch float, petty cash and all customer cheques that have been received and also going to the bank.
Arranging cashier shifts, offs and leave.
Ensure that all cash is in the safe, strong room is armed, all locks are closed and the keys are in the custody of the branch manager.

Academic Qualifications
Bachelors of commerce (Banking and finance) or any other Business Related Field
Professional Qualifications
A CPA qualification would be an added advantage
2 years and above experience working as a Cashier
Skills and Competencies:

Good analytical and communication skills
High integrity
Attention to detail
Computer skills
Supervisory skills

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