Instrument Technician

Applicants for this position must have a recognised Trade Test in Instrumentation as well as 2 - 5 years relevant experience in a related role within a processing or manufacturing environment. Knowledge of SHE and customer service with good attention to detail and communication skills are essential.

Recognised Trade Test in Instrumentation
2 - 5 years relevant experience in a related role within a processing or manufacturing environment.


Knowledge of basic Health, Safety and Environmental principles in and around a workplace (PPE requirements, Housekeeping standards, etc.)
knowledge of SHE System requirements
Must have an understanding of risk assessment concepts and processes
understanding of a work permit system

Quality and Food Safety:

Experience of HACCP principles
Must have an understanding of Quality Control in the Production environment
Demonstrate an understanding of quality and food safety requirements for a Quality Management System

Customer Service:

Experienced in customer service

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering:

Understand basic electronic theory and components 
Understanding of the uses and safety aspect associated with flammable energy sources 

Instrumentation Installations:

Knowledge of the principles of installing Instrumentation Equipment 

Instrumentation Fault Finding and Repair:

An understanding of fault finding techniques on field instrumentation 

Instrumentation Maintenance:

Knowledge of Instrumentation equipment: flow equipment, level equipment, pressure equipment, temperature equipment, weighing equipment, safety systems and equipment, PLC equipment, basic programmable logic controllers 

Problem Solving:

Demonstrate logical problem solving and error detection techniques

SHE Management:

Apply health, safety, security and housekeeping in work environment
Comply to Legislation as set out in the OSH Act and to organisational standards
Address workplace hazards and risks
Within scope of authority of the role, carry out all the employers lawful orders in the interest of health and safety, and report any unsafe acts or conditions

  Quality & Food Safety:

Comply to Legislation as set out in the Foodstuffs Disinfectants and Cosmetics Act and all other relevant Food legislation, regulations and organisational standards
Comply with requirements of the Engineering Quality Management System
Apply and continuously improve procedures within internal environment
Comply with requirements of the Integrated Management System and refer to Food Safety Responsibilities and Authorities
Protect company assets (working capital & fixed assets)
Minimise waste and rework 

Customer Relations:

Interact with internal customers
Provide sufficient feedback on issues addressed to relevant stakeholders such as the Engineering and Production teams pertaining to but not limited to roots causes of problems, actions taken, improvements made  and additional work to be conducted

Supplier Relations:

Interact with internal suppliers
Manage and supervise contracted staff and services related to skills and pertaining to the Engineering department.

Reliability Engineering:

Improve Operational Equipment Efficiencies (OEE)

  Maintenance Planning:

Close-out Work Orders on SAP
File Work Order documentation

Support the maintaining and improvement of the maintenance management system
Instrumentation Installations:

Install, test and maintain Instrumentation systems and equipment:

basic pneumatic systems, flow equipment, level equipment, weighing equipment, load cell equipment, pressure equipment, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC`s), temperature equipment, analytical equipment, equipment associated with Final Control Elements, valves, solenoids, Instrument impulse lines 

Instrumentation Fault Finding and Repair:

Provide technical input in solving processing problems
Conduct fault finding and repair of Instrumentation equipment (Flow; Level; Load cell, Pressure; Temperature; Analytical) 
Fault find and repair Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC`s) 
Fault find and repair equipment associated with Final Control Elements 

Instrumentation Maintenance:

Conduct scheduled checks on instruments
Maintain specialized sensing devices 
Maintain recorders 
Maintain process control loops 
Maintain pneumatic systems related to instrumentation equipment
Maintain instrument air service units
Perform standby duties and attend to callouts with regards to instrumentation breakdowns
Oversee Maintenance contractors in area of responsibility

 Electrical fault find and repair

Fault find, test and repair on all low voltage equipment 


Carry out basic soldering
Apply soldering techniques in repairing of electrical and electronic circuits


Work as a project team member and provide adequate knowledge related to field and skills 

Customer Service:

Apply the basic skills of customer service

Computer Skills:

Operating computer systems

Use a personal computer operating system

MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)


Identify, inspect, use, maintain and care for engineering hand tools 
Select, use and care for engineering measuring equipment 
Select, use and care for engineering power tools 
Select, use and care for electrical measuring instruments 
Select, use and care for portable electrical equipment

Report Writing:

Process data using information technology

Apply the organisation's code of conduct in a work environment


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